Lux Products TX9600TS Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat Review

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If you’re looking for a large, easy-to-view, and program touchscreen thermostat that is universally compatible, the Lux Products tx9600ts is a great option. This thermostat was rated Best Buy by a leading consumer magazine, so you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality product. The tx9600ts is also very user-friendly, making it a great choice for anyone who wants an easy-to-use thermostat. This thermostat also has energy-saving features, making it a great choice for anyone who is looking to save money on their energy bill. Finally, the tx9600ts has a recovery feature, which allows the thermostat to return to its set temperature after a power outage. This is a great feature to have in case of an emergency.

Lux Products TX9600TS Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat

Lux Products TX9600TS Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat

The Lux Products TX9600TS may be a basic thermostat, but it’s also a highly intelligent one. With features like weekly scheduling, a large, easy-to-read display, and a simple, user-friendly interface it’s easy to see why this is such a great purchase to replace an older manual or failing programmable thermostat.

Easy to install

The Lux TX9600TS is quick and easy to install, a convenient feature for less-than-tech-savvy individuals. You can watch the installation video and install it on your own if you have the DIY skills for it. You just have to remove the old thermostat and attach the wires to the new Lux thermostat, mount it on a wall, and voila! Always be sure to take wiring diagram notes fron the existing thermostat wiring or take a photo for reference when installing the new thermostat. Always follow the installation procedures in your manual and read all instructions carefully.

But we always suggest asking for the professional assistance of a licensed electrician, or HVAC contractor since your system may require additional wiring work. If you are not comfortable with working with wires or making sure the connections are done correctly please get a professional to do the installation. You could cause damage to your new thermostat or to your heating or air conditioning system.

Easy to use

But before attaching the unit to a wall, you have to set the eight switches on the circuit board (i.e., programming process). We strongly suggest reading the instruction manual for specific instructions regarding their proper positions; per our experience, the instructions are on pages 17 and 18 of the manual. The proper positioning of the switches is a must so that the thermostat will recognize your home’s heating and cooling system and your preferred operations settings.

After programming has been completed, you just need to set the control switches and follow the prompts for operation displayed onscreen. When the thermostat has been installed and programmed, it can be left on its own, then you can go about your business and let it do its job. Because it is a programmable thermostat once set you can enjoy the comfort in your home and not have to constantly remember to make adjustments. While the lux tx9600ts is not a smart thermostat it is still a major step up from a fully manual thermostat this touch screen model has all the features you need to keep your house comfortable and still save you money on your heating and cooling bills.

You may also use the manual override feature for switching the thermostat on and off, in case you want to override the programmed settings. You can also restrict access to the thermostat’s controls with the PIN lock function.

Energy-saving features

By programming the thermostat to turn the heating and/or cooling system in your home on and off, you can actually save money on energy bills – as much as $180 per year, according to Energy Star. Of course, the actual amount of your savings will vary depending on several factors, including the type of system installed in your home. You should ideally also spend time and effort on determining the most efficient setting for your home, which should pay off with reduced energy bills month after month.

Also, the Lux thermostat is powered by three power sources – by batteries alone, using two AA alkaline batteries; 24 AV volts alone; and 24 volts AC with battery backup. Many buyers report that the first option seems to be the best because the thermostat performed well with accurate displays of room temperature. But it has its drawback, too, including regular replacement of batteries.

If you would like to learn more about our thoughts on thermostat batteries click here

The Lux TX9600ts also includes a programmable air filter monitor, which is a handy feature to have. It also has an energy usage monitor that displays how much energy your home is consuming.

This thermostat is also suited for 2-stage heat pump systems. Hydronic heating systems are also supported.


With recovery feature

We like the optional recovery feature, too. The Lux thermostat changes to your desired temperature setting as early as necessary. By the time your scheduled time arrives, the room has been warmed up or cooled down according to your preference.  Your comfort level will increase because of it.

But it isn’t just about comfort, as the recovery feature also contributes to higher energy savings. This is especially true if you have a two-stage heating system, wherein the thermostat maximizes the use of the more energy-efficient first stage and minimizes the use of the less energy-efficient second stage.

Features list

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • 7-day programmability or 2/4 periods per day
  • Manual Hold Feature
  • Temporary Override
  • Keyboard Lock
  • PIN Protection
  • Programmable Air Filter Monitor
  • Adjustable temperature differential


  • Easy to install and use with intuitive touchscreen controls
  • 7-day program
  • Compatible with most heating and cooling systems in North America
  • With temporary override and PIN protect options
  • Energy use monitor
  • Affordable price with a 3-year warranty included
  • Universal Compatibility for heat pump systems with up to 2-stage heat/1 stage cool
  • Does not require a c wire or common wire
  • Has temporary temperature override


  • No remote access connection
  • Not compatible with line voltage systems
  • No learning features

Final Verdict

The Lux Products TX9600TS touchscreen thermostat makes it easy to control your home’s temperature. The large back-lit display is easy to read, and the user-friendly touchscreen makes it easy to program. Energy use is monitored, and you can choose between 2 or 4 periods per day. The keyboard lock is programmable, and the thermostat has a temporary override and manual hold. It comes with a 3 year warranty, adjustable temperature swing (differential), speed slide for easy programming, air filter monitor, and adjustable 2nd stage heat offset. It is compatible with most heating and cooling systems in North America.

Naturally, there are a few aspects of the Lux thermostat that fall behind when compared to competing devices. For example, we believe the Nest Learning 3rd generation thermostat is more attractive than the Lux thermostat, and has many more features. We feel it could also benefit from wifi capabilities similar to those on the Sensi Wi-Fi thermostat and additional screen display choices like those found on a Honeywell thermostat.

When compared to the thermostat’s practical characteristics, these differences are relatively minor. Apart from being compatible with most heating and cooling systems in the United States and Canada, it excels at one thing in particular – energy savings as a result of efficient usage of the heating and cooling systems. Before any bells and whistles, this thermostat gets the job done.

We feel the TX9600TS is a great upgrade from your old thermostat at a great price with good features.

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